What Makes a Great Gig?

IAN WATKINS (Lostprophets):
“The thing that I try to bear in mind when playing a gig is that not all of the audience is there to see you play. Some frontmen get frustrated because people are not paying attention. I don’t care about that. I have no control over what people think of us, so I just do my job regardless of what the audience is doing. I know it sounds like a cliché, but if there’s one person in he crowd who likes us then it’s all worthwile.”

  1. SHADOWS (Avenged Sevenfold):
    “From a performer’s point of view, you’ve got to approach each gig with the right mindset, and you have to learn how to vary your show each night. Otherwise you’ll just get bored of what you’re doing, and if that happens, you’ll put on a crappy show. If you’re feeling good, then you can go out and be a little cocky. If you play with conviction and look like you’re enjoying being up there, then that’s what’s really important.”

MATT DAVES (Funeral For A Friend):
If I can feel the energy coming from the audience, then I know it will be a good gig. Also, if I can communicate onstage and be myself, then I’m really happy and I’m just there in the moment, having fun. I don’t like to distance myself from the audience. I’ve been onstage and the crowd have been singing so loudly it’s as though they’ve taken over. That makes a mutual connection and that’s amazing.”

SIMON NEIL (Biffy Clyro):
“As a performer you want things to sound good and you want to be completely lost in the moment. The best gigs are the ones where you’re not aware really of what’s happening, and it just flies by in an instant. If I’m in the crowd I don’t want to know what’s going to happen next – I want a band that musically takes me by surprise.”

FONTE: Kerrang!


So you wanna be a Rock Star? ENTER SHIKARI share their tips on how to make it…

Chris Batten:
"Practise really hard before you play your first gig because you only get one chance to make a good impression. Did we do that? No, we didn’t. Because of that we spent a long time trying to convince the local scene that we weren’t terrible."

Rou Reynolds:
"We got kicked offstage after two songs at the Mars Bar in Worcester. We were climbing on the PA and the lighting rig, and the soundman hadn’t seen anything like it before. So we were kicked off and the crowd were chanting ‘the soundman is a wanker’. So they let us back on!"

"In the early days you play one good gig to every 10 bad ones. It’s such hard work. You’ll drive up to the North East of England and play to two people and then drive seven hours home again. But you have to keep at it because one person will see you and think you’re good and the word will spread."

"So many times I’ve been convinced that we’ve had a terrible gig – say, I’ve been injured and not been able to jump around as much. But someone will come up to you afterwards and say, ‘Man, that was brilliant!’ It makes it all worthwhile."

SOURCE: Kerrang!

Tips From The Stars

Jesse Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal) : Don’t Practice

“Don’t give a fuck what anyone tells you. If you approach playing guitar from a practice perspective it’s gonna look like a chore. So teach yourself to play your favorite song on one string – you have to be able to like what you’re doing. This way you’ll encourage yourself to play more!”

Source: Total Guitar