Foo Fighters e PJ Harvey ao vivo em Portugal

Só agora se abrem as portas de 2011 mas o calendário de concertos continua a engrossar a olhos vistos. O primeiro grande nome inscito no cartaz do Optimus Alive’11 é o dos norte-americanos Foo Fighters, que regressam assim a solo português no dia 07 de Julho, primeiro dia do evento do Passeio Marítimo de Algés ( o fã pack já está à venda: custa €50.00 para um dia e €99.00 para três dias). A banda liderada por Dave Grohl deverá trazer consigo o sétimo álbum de originais, que começou a gravar no verão passado com o produtor Butch Vig. Também a britânica PJ Harvey regressa a Lisboa com novo álbum para apresentar: os concertos estão marcados para os dias 25 e 26 de Maio, na Aula Magna ( a primeira data já esgotou). O álbum, Let England Shake, tem edição agendada para 14 de Fevereiro.

FONTE: Blitz (Janeiro 2011)


OP-ED Musicians Speak Out (Breandan Canning – Broken Social Scene)

More and more, bands are taking action when it comes to improving our world, not just talking about what needs to happen, but being proactive themselves. Brendan Canning and Broken Social Scene are no exception. This fall, they plan to launch a website they hope will become the Craigslist of good deeds. They want your help to bring ANYKINDACT.ORG to your community.

  At this point in Broken Social Scene’s career, we feel it’s our duty to be doing as much as we can for our community, with the hopes of being an example for other communities around the world. The world is in need of desperate change, that much is clear. I think too many of us feel defeated when we read about all the terrible things going on around us: Climate change is killing the polar bears; Guantanamo Bay is a torture camp; gun crime is up 40% and please, whatever you do, be careful of GHB.
  If ever there was a time in history to be active, it is now. Our bandmate Charles Spearin had an idea to create something called Any Kind Act, a website people could go to in whatever city or town they live in and find postings from different organizations or groups in the community that could use help from someone like you or me. Whether it is the food bank, animal shelter, kids’ help line – the list really could be endless. Like a Craigslist for all the good things you could do for people instead of looking for used patio furniture.
  There are just so many people in this world with way too much time on their hands who aren’t doing what they could be doing. How many people do you know that spend too much time playing video games, too much time texting, too much time getting high, too much time fighting, too much time shopping, too much time getting drunk or too much time complaining that this world sucks? It’s simply not enough to sit back and let our governments, or “the other guy”, try and solve all that is going wrong in this world. It’s passive and ineffective. Any kind act should also be an ideology, the simple idea that any kind act you do for others is essential to community living. If you live in a climate like we do in winter mobths, how about shoveling not only your walkway but also the old lady’s across the road, too?
  Music can be a very powerful thing. It’s our thing! I’m sure many of us have had their own religious experience at our favourite bands’ show and then that feeling wears off for a number of reasons. Wouldn’t it then be a wonderful thing to take those feelings and turn it into a real action? Something where your community could benefit because you were inspired to help in whatever way you saw fit? Maybe down the nursing home they are looking for people to hang out with some old folks for a couple of hours a week. Maybe there is a kid who cn’t afford guitar lessons and you just happen to play a few Ramones riffs. Money is not the only answer to helping people – it’s your actions. Making the world a better place is everyone’s job and will in turn make him or her feel better, too. And don’t tell me that stuff sounds corny because you know it’s true.
  Since the idea is really still in the early stages and the site has only softly launched Sept.1, the hope is that others (i.e., you reading this article) could get together with your friends and/or bandmates and help establish your community with the same initiatives we are doing in Toronto. By posting ideas and getting the word out to your local organizations to use the site for kind acts in your area, our aim is not only to reach Broken Social Scene fans but to act as a central meeting point for all of us concerned with the ways our neighborhoods have changed, or perhaps sadly, have not changed. We see a much broader scope that could hopefully snowball into something very big to fight a world that breeds a lot of negativity on a daily basis and will ruin us if we let it.
  As a band, we have seen the effect that music has on people and the power it can give when you’re open to it. We’ve had the great privilege of traveling around the world and seeing so many different walks of life, which has ultimately taught us much about the similarities we all share as human beings on earth. Most of us are just striving for the good things in life. There are plenty of great charitable organizations already in existence, but charity is something we can never have too much of. Could you actually imagine the folks at World Vision saying, “Everything’s okay, folks. No more money needed in Africa!” or, “Hurricane Katrina? We licked that one, but thanks anyway”. isn’t asking you for your money – just some spare time and your efforts.
  Surely people like you and me could set our bars a little higher and really create something for all of us. is set for a full launch this fall. Check out for more information.

SOURCE: Alternative Press Magazine

A Brief History Of… Doom

      It Sounds Like:
The meeting point between heavy metal, clinical depression and a lorry-load of horse tranquillisers.
      Key Bands: Black Sabbath, Trouble, Candlemass, Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre.
      The Look: Like a metal Jack Sprat and his wife, doom’s major players tend to be either fat or lanky, with no in-between. No one knows why this is. Limited edition patches are also a must.
       The Lowdown: It started, possibly, with the industrial accident which robbed Tony Iommi of two of his fingertips. The moustachioed riff-meister, so the myth has it, was forced to loosen the tension in his strings, resulting in a low, sonorous doom-laden sound that served, along with Black Sabbath’s slower, more atmospheric tendencies, as a template for the whole doom metal scee that formed in their wake. Closely related to stoner rock, this saturnine scene was injected with a shot of death metal (and later goth) by the English trio of Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost but traditional doom continues to worship directly at Sabbath’s cloven feet.

       Black Sabbath –
Black Sabbath
Reverend Bizarre – Slave Of Satan
       Count Raven –
Let The Dead Bury Their Dead
       Witchfinder General –
Burning A Sinner
        Pentagram –
Broken Vows
        Electric Wizard –
Weird Tales
        Solstice –
Neither Tide Nor Time
        Solitude Aeturnus –
Opaque Divinity
        The Gates Of Slumber –
Suffer No Guilt

       Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Black Dragon, 1986)
Possibly the album that bequeathed the genre its name (although the w’ Hand Of Doom is also in the frame), the sombre Swedes’ debut was hugely influential, flying in the face of the faster-than-thou thrash scene emerging at the time.
        Saint Vitus – Born Too Late (SST, 1987)
Their first album with legendary doom vocalist Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich, this crawling, preponderous sonic assault was another record out of step with the times, as its title suggests. It sold bog all at the time, but stands today as a true genre classic.
         Trouble – Trouble (Def American, 1990)
          Their second eponymous album (although their debut was later renamed Psalm 9), this was a mid-career peak, chock-full of slablike riffage and songs that lumbered with all the slow yet unstoppable momentum of a clubfooted rhino in diving boots.
          Cathedral – The Carnival Bizarre (Earache, 1995)
It might have featured a guest appearence from Tony Iommy but, unlike a lot of doom records, this was no mere homage, possessed as it was of a strong sense of adventure and individuality in addition to the obligatory avalanche of riffs.
           Electric Wizard – Come My Fanatics (Rise Above, 1996)
Boasting a guitar sound thicker than the Marlboro Man’s lung butter and a low-end rumble that should not be experienced in conjuntion with a turtle’s head, this mixes classic doom with elements of stoner psychedelia for a mind-numbingly heavy effect.

       “How Black Was Our Sabbath” (by Dave Tangye and Graham Wright):
Most music books, however well research, are just that – compiled, researched, rehashed. As the authors in this case, were long-time members of Sabbath’s roadcrew however, the true life Spinal Tap tales of madness herein are genuine eyewitness accounts, making this an often comic, sometimes tragic document of the rise of doom’s true progenitors.

        Cathedral – “Our God Has Landed”:
From po-faced black and white gloominess through Vincent Price snippets to silver suits and glitter-balls (Yes!), this DVD charts the rise and evolution of the Brit doom legends via a sterling collection of promo vids. Also included is a five-track live set culled from the ’92 Gods Of Grind tour, making this a must for anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.

THE INSIDER: Leif Edling (Candlemass)
“Doom metal’s essence is that it’s slow, heavy and epic! I think it’s the slow pace and the negative riffs that attracts the listeners. Doom’s powerful, just listen to classic doom bands like Trouble, Pentagram, Solitude Aeternus. They are all just so heavy! And Sabbath of course…
  We were virtually unknown when the Epicus… album came out, and then with our next album, Nightfall, we became established as a hot new band. But in the ’90s, doom was a dead scene. Death and thrash metal overtook doom as the big metal sound, although today the underground is incredibly strong. Doom metal rules!”

SOURCE: Kerrang! Megazine

Eminem à frente de Lady Gaga – Entrega dos prémios está marcada para 13 de Fevereiro

Rapper norte-americano está nomeado para 10 Grammy graças ao disco ‘Recovery’.

  O rapper norte-americano Eminem lidera a lista dos candidatos aos prémios Grammy deste ano, com 10 nomeações – incluindo para Melhor Álbum do ANo (‘Recovery’, lançado em Junho e que já vendeu três milhões de cópias nos EUA) e Melhor Música (‘Love The Way You Lie’, interpretado em dueto com Rihanna).
  Na lista dos mais nomeados estão ainda o recém-chegado Bruno Mars (com sete nomeações), enquanto a polémica Lady Gaga, o rapper Jay-Z e a banda de country Lady Atebellum têm, cada um seis nomeações. Lady Gaga – que actua dia 10 em Lisboa – está nomeada, entre outros, para o Grammy de Melhor Álbum do Ano (com ‘The Fame Monster’), título a que concorre também Katy Perry, com ‘Teenage Dream’.
  O jovem Justin Bieber, que brilhou na recente edição dos American Music Awards, arrecadando quatro estatuetas – entre as quais as de Melhor Artista do Ano e Melhor Álbum de Pop/Rock – está nomeado em duas categorias: Melhor Álbum Pop e Revelação.
  Novidade desta 53ª edição dos Grammy, cuja cerimónia terá lugar dia 13 de Fevereiro de 2011, no Staples Center de Los Angeles: aceitaram-se, pela primeira vez, projectos musicais lançados durante mais de um ano (13 meses).


  • Jackson contra Bublé: O falecido Michael Jackson concorre a Melhor Performance Masculina por ‘This Is It’. Michael Bublé é um dos rivais.
  • Brasil na corrida: sem portugueses na lista, há, porém, dois candidatos brasileiros: Bebel Gilberto e Sérgio Mendes concorrem na categoria de Melhor Álbum de World Music.
  • Susan Boyle nomeada: Susan Boyle, que despontou para a música num concurso de talentos, foi nomeada para Melhor Álbum Pop do ANo.

FONTE: Correio da Manhã