Concert Hotels For The Festival Princess

So you’ve decided that you want to go to a summer festival for the first time, but you’ve just realised that the thought of getting muddy and dirty for a whole four days suddenly doesn’t seem as appealing. Sound like you? Certainly sounds like me a few years ago when I decided to go to Glastonbury with a large group of friends. Recently I had been to see a live music act in London and chipped in with a few friends to stay in a concert hotel. A hotel basically near the location that meant we could party into the wee hours without missing the last train home.

I remember my friend’s faces when I produced a large selection of clothes I had brought especially. I was really into the festival chic look, Kate Moss and Lily Allen had always looked fantastic. The idea of a cute little summer dress with some designer welly boots and some obligatory sunglasses really appealed. It was only till my friends pointed out that most celebrities hung out in the VIP area of festivals and probably had a stylist on call that decided their entire ‘just thrown on’ wardrobe that I began to panic. Of course Kate Moss doesn’t stay there in a grubby Argos tent, my friends told me. She’ll be staying in a five star hotel nearby messing up her straightened hair to make it look slightly more ‘festive’.

This is when it dawned on me that perhaps I wasn’t as cool as I had first imagined. Yes, I loved music and meeting new people. But sweaty, smelly people? Not being able to wash your hair? Sleeping on and around mud? How was I going to survive?! I wanted to look glamorous as I danced around to Morrissey; I wanted to look sexy for Justin Timberlake. (Just in case he spotted me in the crowd-a girl should always be prepared.)

I wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle this problem, I was certain that even a good tent wouldn’t contain modern luxuries such as hair strengtheners, mirrors or showers. These were all vital for a festival girl to remain at her best at all times, and there was no way I was going to use one of those festival toilets…

This is when I decided that the accommodation plans were going to have change that perhaps I could stay in something better than a collapsing tent full of unwashed males and could have the best of both worlds. I could look all glam and spend age’s blow drying my hair and shaving my legs and then return to the party of the festival as if I hadn’t even been gone. Yes, my hair did always look that straight, even in the rain. My plan seemed perfect! Booking a concert hotel meant I could enjoy all the hippy and freedom of the festival, come closer to Mother Nature, before going back to wash her all off.

So eventually my festival experience ending up being great, all my male friends set off into the crowds, dirty, almost pirate-like as I stood in my flowery welly boots happy in the knowledge that if it did ever rain or get messy I could go back and preen. Also, if Justin Timberlake did happen to spot me in the crowd I would be looking my best. Well, a girl can dream! Next year I am already planning the booking of a concert hotel so that I do that whole ‘festival chic’ without having to get my hands even slightly muddy!



The truth about downloading music

There are so many myths about downloading music, many people are apprehensive about even trying it. Learning the facts about the legality, the ease and economic sense of downloading music will take the scare factor out of it for you.

The biggest myth that rotates around the web is that downloading music is illegal. It’s true there are websites and services that engage in the practice of offering illegal downloads of music. Using a service you know is legal will enable you to build an digital music collection legally and there are no copyright infringements or potential lawsuits to worry about.

Another myth that many people buy into is that downloading music is difficult or requires a lot of technical skill. Again, it’s just not true. For the huge majority of download services all you need it a computer with an Internet connection, preferably a high-speed connection to make your downloads even faster, a program on your computer to play your downloaded music on such as Rhapsody or Media Player and for making your downloaded music portable, an MP3 player such as an iPod will complete everything you need to enjoy your downloaded tunes to the fullest. Most computers come with a CD-burner so you can burn any CD’s that you’d like to have handy.

To download music you simply need to visit the website you want to download music from, find the artist or artists you want to download and click. You will then be asked to purchase the songs and then taken automatically to a download page or in some cases the download will begin immediately upon payment. Once downloaded, you can double click the songs to listen to them on your computer or you can open your MP3 panel and download the tunes you just got onto your portable device or burn yourself a CD.

The third big myth about downloading music is that it’s expensive. Actually when you consider the economics of it, downloading music is in reality a very smart choice when you consider the price of purchasing an entire CD. Consider when the last time your favorite artist produced a CD that didn’t have at least two throw-away songs on it. Why pay for those? The beauty of downloading music online is that you can usually preview the songs you’re considering purchasing and you can pick and choose the songs you want to hear.

Another way people utilize downloading music is to create their own mixes using collections from artists or a collection of songs to create theme with the downloaded music. If you use an iPod when you work out, consider creating yourself a collection of tunes that will keep your motivated during your work outs. Many bride-to-be’s on a tight budget have downloaded their music for the reception and rented a state-of-the-art stereo system instead of a DJ to play the music they want to set and keep the mood for their wedding receptions along with getting exactly the songs they want, also saving a ton of money.

Did you once have a record collection that was your pride and joy? Many people lament music collections that they have lost due to relationships breaking up, moves or needed money and sold. Digital downloads are a fantastic way to recreate your favorite songs from the artists you used to collect.

Also, if you’re having a party or other social gathering, you can log in to your favorite place to download music and snatch up the latest tunes to create a mix for the night of the hottest music that’s out instead of spending hundreds of dollars on CD’s that will only have a few songs worth listening to each.

And there you have the facts. Downloading music is legal, easy and very affordable. If you haven’t started putting together a list of "must have music" already, start thinking about all the songs you want to hear and get into the swing of downloading your music now and in the future.