Avenged Sevenfold’s Download Festival Survival Guide

Get Laid
ZackyVengeance (guitar) : "The best way to pick someone up at a festival is to make sure you’re the only guy there that doesn’t smell like shit. If you’re all scrubbed up smelling like a gigolo next to a load of sweaty dudes, you’ll get the women. But wear protection, because you don’t know where people have been."
"If I had to take one thing to a festival, it would be alcohol, because that way even if it’s really miserable, you can still have a good time. If it’s raining you can get all dirty from diving around in the mud and you won’t give a fuck."
Beware of the Mosh-Pit
"People who stand at the front are fucking crazy. You can’t get any food or drink, and it’s hard getting out of there. And then you’ve got people going over the top of you. Not recommended. Unless you’re watching us of course."
Don’t Take Drugs
"You don’t know how drugs are gonna make you feel – and if you end up getting sick and puking everywhere, outdoors at a festival is probably the worst place you can do it…"
Watch What You Eat
"Don’t eat shit like kebabs. That’ll make you need to shit, and you don’t want that. Bring your own food, or eat lots of fruit. stay away from greasy fried shit."
Avoid the Portaloos
"Firstly, it’s scary to be in one of those things, because you never know who’s outside the door, and secondly, there’s just way too many people who have been in there before you, who have been eating shitty festival food. It’s just gross."